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DGSO History DGSO January 7, 2022

DGSO History

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The Douglas County Kansas Sheriff’s Office had a shaky start in 1855. Our first Sheriff, Samuel J. Jones, was a political appointee by a disputed Kansas legislature. Jones never bothered to move to Douglas County from Missouri where he was Postmaster in Westport. On May 21, 1856 Jones lead a band of border ruffians in the “Sack of Lawrence”. While violent and devastating for Lawrence, it was just an early sign of the unrest that would eventually culminate with the Civil War. 

As all institutions we have been a reflection of the current era. Our values of Integrity, Trust, Public Safety, Excellence and Team Work remain guiding principals. We serve the residents of Douglas County; our neighbors. We add to a legacy of public service born out of the ashes Jones left behind.

Sheriff Armbrister

                    Sheriff Jay T. Armbrister