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DGSO Help! I’m Locked Out! DGSO March 28, 2022


Then you have tried to login with incorrect account information.

  • Have you registered for an account? You need to register an account to login.
  • If you have registered, have you verified your email address using the link in the verification email we sent you? Your new account isn’t active until you complete that step.
  • If you registered AFTER being locked out, you cannot login with your new account until the lock automatically clears.
  • Are you using correct account information? This is the ONLY reason locks happen. You can login using the user name and password you selected when you registered. If either of those are not what you registered, you can’t login. We emailed that information to you when you registered, so please refer to that email for the correct information you need to use.


Wait and try again in 90 minutes with your correct login name and password. The lock will automatically clear within that time.

Once you’re locked out, you cannot login until the lock automatically clears even if you try valid login credentials, reset your password or register a new account.

If you are still not able to determine why your information is wrong, you can contact us using the Webmaster Contact Form under CONTACT US \ Web Contact Forms.