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Thursday, October 28, 2021


The Douglas County Corrections Division Mission is to provide safe, secure, humane, and legal treatment for all inmates through direct supervision management concepts, while fostering a safe and successful transition through interventions, programs, and services from the facility into our community. 


The Corrections Division has the primary responsibility for the Correctional Facility and the inmates housed therein. The Corrections Division staff serve in a variety of capacities including direct supervision of inmates, booking/intake, escort, transportation, reentry programming, and administrative functions.

About the Facility

The Correctional Facility is a direct supervision facility that houses both men and women. The capacity is 186 beds and has an intake/release area, work release, medical unit, kitchen, inmate library, programs area and five living units of varying security levels.  It is located at 3601 East 25th Street, one mile east of Lawrence, just south of K-10 highway.