Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Music Therapist

JOB TITLE:   Music Therapist [practicums possible]


OBJECTIVE: To develop workshops, or a short course, using music as a therapeutic instrument in helping inmates cope with stress, depression, loneliness, guilt and other emotional issues while in jail.

WORKSITE:                   1. Men's Medium Security Pod

                                      2. Men's Minimum Security Pod

                                      3. Women's Pod

                                      4. Special Management Pod

                                      5. Maximum Security Pod        

TIMEFRAME:                 One or two hours per week

QUALIFICATIONS:         1. Knowledge of music therapy theory

                                      2. Excellent communication skills

                                      3. Attend 2 hour volunteer orientation

                                      4. Pass background screening

                                      5. Complete volunteer application with references

                                      6. Sign confidentiality agreement

CONTACT:                    Sherry Gill, Programs Director


Sheriff Ken McGovern

Sheriff McGovern